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Quality is our motto; we are committed to excellence in food quality and sourcing, with our lineup of services aimed at exceeding your needs.

Our passion is about quality. Through our high quality products, we provide our unique value, excellent quality, and convenience; all three are combined to add efficiency and help to maximize your potential. As a major provider of Indonesian organic foods nationwide, we are able to deliver the highest quality and best priced bulk foods to processors, manufacturers, stores and other volume needed.

When it comes to providing the best organic food with high quality ingredients, we can help. We love organic food and like to keep our style a feel of personalized service. This means: you are important to us no matter how large or small you are. Here you can find our best services to help your business set all the details; starts from the ingredients. From optimized supply chain when the products arrived at our distribution centre to the time we distribute them to each business, we deliver the highest level of service for our customers.

the benefits


We collect primary material from our farmers, who also hold organic certification that ensures all process uncontaminated by pesticides or artificial fertilizer.

• Raw materials
• Certification or all paper work


We process primary material in our certified organic foods. Our products come in various forms such as in powder, syrup and dry (fruits).

• Organic process harvesting
• Product Development

Packing & Distribution

Our high quality organic products are packed in different ways according to the market and to the client. All of them are sealed to avoid any type of contamination.

• Label Designing
• Type of Packing: Bulk Packing, Retail Packing, Private Label
• Transportation facility

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