Organic and Fair trade Organic Coconut Sugar

Guilt-free Choice of Healthy Sugar
Our organic coconut sugar comes from the crystallised nectar of the organic coconut palm tree blossom. It gives you guilt-free choice of sugar for your food end-products. It has sweet caramel taste and is light brown-colored. To process the sugar, the farmers need to boil the sap of the coconut blossom for three hours and grind it when it is cooled down. The product needs to be kept in a dry container and protect it from direct air exposure to keep the moisture. Coconut sugar is a healthier option than other sweeteners/kinds of sugar. This is a more environmentally-friendly option. The trees need only little water to grow and to produce the nectar needed for coconut sugar. Our farmers who manage the coconut palm trees are in fairtrade commitment. We support creating opportunity for economically and socially marginalized farmers; we also build capacity and promote their independence. We support safety working and empowering working condition. We also pay them promptly and fairly; and ensure the accomplishment of the their children’s rights.

The Specialties

  • Crystallised nectar of the organic coconut palm tree blossom (Cocos nucifera) with less than 0.5% of Mangosteen sap as antioxidant additive. Unrefined and healthy. Full of minerals.

The Use

  • Giving a great texture to all of your premium food and beverages products. Blending flawlessly with various drinks and cookies. Replacing conventional sugar.


  • Available in two forms as fine grind and powder. Available in different qualities and mesh sizes. Available in bulk packaging and in private label.

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