Organic Cubeb Pepper

Perfect Secret Ingredients for Peppery Aromatic Food and Beverages
Our cubeb pepper is grown primarily in Java. The berries and stalks of the tree of cubeb pepper are a bit bigger than peppercorns. Cubeb berries are commonly found containing a single seed. The product is harvested when it’s mature and dried with either solar dry or oven dry. The taste is pungent, bitter, acrid, and slightly persistent. The peppery aromatic smell becomes its characteristic to its taste. Only grind necessary amount as the volatile oils quickly lose their aroma and flavor when ground.

The Specialties

  • Primarily reddish brown in color, but can also be dark brown or brown. Is actually a small seed that is around 3mm – 4mm in diameter. A distinct fragrance and characteristic pepper flavor. Organic certified.

The Use

  • Substituting the spices. Blending perfectly with any cuisine. For snacks with spicy flavor such as gingerbreads, biscuits, and sausages. Working well in combination with cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, cardamom, sage, and turmeric.


  • Available in bulk packaging.

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