Preservation Journey Of Our Signature Product

For decades our farmers live where life surrounds us with thousands of coconut trees who grow taller. As the road takes us higher, we will spot more coconut trees where our farmers depended on. So it is not practically a new thing for us producing Coconut Sugar. We’ve been producing it for decades. It becomes part of our community, a tradition we deliver to the younger people here.

Long stove with three or two-holes that we used to cook the coconut sugar is a traditional stove, there are also some Bumbungs, a bamboo tube hanged on the wall, lots of big pans, and stumps of firewood used as we cook with the stove. This is a common view you’ll easily spot when you’re visiting the house of our farmers; who produce coconut sugar.

Producing coconut sugar is a part of family tradition, for in its process it involved more than one person in the family. The head of the family, mostly the husbands will start the day by taking the nectar from coconut trees before collecting the firewood. The nectar will be delivered to his wife to be cooked. All of this process has been part of our farmer's life, the time, the cleanness, the quality all of these aspects are well-done by the committed farmers of ours.

As time goes by, technology has developed faster, it has also affected the market system for farms’ products now. It means there’s a lot of things for our farmers to adapt to the constant changing. It is definitely not an easy thing to do, for there’s a lot of things that need to change for a better purpose. Plastics use, chemicals, even we have realized that we need to change a few methods in producing our signature products. For at first it shaped in square, and now we’ve changed it into crystal form. Make it easier for us to distribute them to further places.

Now seeing our process and progress in producing coconut sugar reminds us about the journey we’ve taken to improve things that are evolving around our life as a farmer. Recalling our role as a keeper of a tradition to inherit the good from our land through products we’ve to produce, and it all started from a sweet taste of our treasure. The gold from our land; the coconut sugar.

Collaborate with us and join the mission for a better life.