Improving Lives By Improving Organic Farming

Times are moving towards improvement and constant challenges, and that’s a wrap of how life’s going for all the livings. All moments of facing the new giants then will be the sign of self-developing progress. A gratitude exchange between time and step of deeds we took. The same story is here to be told; the story of our farmers who are improving lives.

Improvement once was progress from facing challenges, come up with solutions; innovation to take. Our community of farmers is facing those challenges as well. The challenges of how much changes have taken in time we’re moving towards the new normal, customs, and lifestyle. These challenges push our community to innovate the system of both the farming activities and how to market the products in a better way; a way that is to suit the era and the change it brings along.

Those two things;  better methods of farming and marketing our local products are the main issues for it impacts the lives of our community the most, for most of them are farmers. The work we do here is to improve our life; for a better investment in the future and prosperity for the next generations. The kids need to feed and uniforms to go to school. Facing these challenges will lead us to better progress as we believe.

On the contrary condition of our farmers now, there’s another challenge we need to face for now we want to consistently produce our very own organic coconut sugar as a signature product. The challenge is hard to collect enough coconut nectar (Nira) due to high rainfall since the beginning of the year, and it continues until early May; a constant long march for our farmers for it means we need to climb more than average numbers of trees to achieve the production target.

Besides those challenges, our community of farmers also take us into a series of a serious conversation about the fact that we are now having a less potential successor for our legacy. Our senior farmers are now having a better life and a stable economic status. This open more opportunity for our community to send our kids to a better school, and higher education. Giving our community the chance to expand the dream bigger and wider than ever before. For most of our farmers are senior citizen, we realize we need the young generation to lead our legacy as a farmer.

Decades from now we will have another challenge, for it will be technology’s innovations all over the globe. Even if we’re living a life far away from the city’s crowd, we still need to adapt to it. Because we also realize it can bring benefits to us.

This is what we realize most, how’s life revolve around us, how we evolve towards it. The challenge will always be there to improve both livings and nature. It is the same for us and our community, we are the farmers who have living closely with nature, we grow with it, innovate our ways and face the challenge. Lesson learned we move on to another stage; where we take collaboration as our biggest move to face the giants together.

Collaborate with us and join the mission for a better life.