Between The Nature and The Living Creatures

We are the people who live in one of the biggest (and beautiful!) countries in the world. The word ‘big’ not only describes how large the islands is but also the diversity of the people. We all are consist of diversities of different religions, raised in different places and custom by various tribes, have a different tone of skin colors, and even speak in different local languages. All of this uniqueness has brought us together, living in unity in the land of Nusantara.

Our community of farmers is living a life that is following the rhythm of nature, far away from the city crowd. Less noise of vehicles and busy routines. Our community is stepping on the soil and move along with the breezy wind where we tend to not rush things, instead we learn how things in nature are moving around us. Adjust ourselves with the flow of life itself.

This adjustment brings us so close to nature, so it is obvious that most of the people of our society are farmers from the past to this present day. We’re taking the path to continue our next generations’ heritage in keeping the nature well along with fulfilling our needs. The path that will take both nature and the living creatures to sustainability.

At first, it was almost all of us are Penderes, farmers who make coconut sugar from Nira (extract of coconut that used as the main ingredients to produce sugar). But we’re not producing it in crystal shape like we are now. We produce coconut sugar in cube shape then sell it at the traditional market at that time. Now it has improved. Our farmers are not only producing coconut sugar. We’re also having organic spices and fruits planting on our yards and gardens. The products that our farmer's plant are getting more various.

What time left for us now is an adaptation with a new era. Our farmer's communities are ready to keep the heritage of nature, the land they live in. But at the same time, our farmers need to feed themselves with new knowledge of farming and trading the products. The awareness of the environment is essential now, for our farmers also carry the responsibility to take care of the land, the plants. Because the role the farmers take is affecting nature and its living creatures.

The role of our farmers is indeed a calling to preserve the balance of life, to nurture the heritage of nature so it can elongate the age of the livings to be witnessed for more to come. Our society is putting trust and basically the times onto the role of the farmers. The main character of this story.

Collaborate with us and join the mission for a better life.