The land at the equator, where the best farmland of ours took place, is the homeland of passion and decisions that lead us to step further as the key supplier of Indonesia organic foods. Here in our farmland nature and mature livings are harmonized in a balance of mutual giving. The equality matters here, where it is not only applying for the living but also for the soil, the air, the water. All of those nature’ elements at the farmland. At the place of where we belong we turn a dream into a vision of a better future for both the land and our community.

We believe that our farmland is part of the heritage from previous generations that have sustained that long to meet the new era of times and civilization. It means that not only the farmland that sustains but the life as well. At the same time, it’s indicating that we’re all carrying the same mission from time to time. Keeping the heritage before we handed it over to more generations to come. As part of the farmland and the community, we want to do something that will help our land extend its life sustainably. This is the starter decision we’ve made.

Our community is the main element that helps us improve our farmland. The society, the farmers, the tradition we live in, a culture of unity before diversity. This land has witnessed all of the story each generation have here, including ours. Capturing the exact things that bring us together as one. The mutual vision for good. For the better. This vision is putting aside all the different pictures we have from one to another. We’re not seeing faces in working our dedication. These eyes can only see the future, where our decision takes us further to go to.

“Giving from what we know best for the land we love most” is what keeps us in the line of dedication and integration of good work that cultivates the best from our farmland. We are conscious about the fact that what goes around, comes all the way back around. By giving the best work for the farmland means we’re wrapping up the goods as a present to us later. We, Organic Foods Indonesia, have the specific work then. To make sure the goods that we reap from the land will be share for you throughout the world.

One exact decision, a submission for the land we’re living in, is making a big impact every single day. The impacts for us; for the living and the farmland. Parts of us are improving in a better way, better shape, better life. Turns out sustaining the farmland can secured generations; people, life, love, and dreams. It is not about the land, it is beyond that. It is life itself.

If you’re reading this, you do have the same power to make a decision that brings impact not only for yourself. You are contributing to making a living, a life. By taking only organic products, you are offering hands for our community. Not to mention supporting a healthiest way to cultivate our homeland. You and us, we are just a step away from creating a better planet, a better place for all of the livings. Start here from the farmland, and a single decision.

Collaborate with us and join the mission for a better life.