Boundless Energy From Our Land And Our People

Our Story We work with nature through dedication and delicacy to provide only the best quality of a product

PT Mega Inovasi Organik (MIO) and Indonesia Consult RS GmbH (IndoCon) have been succesfully collaborating in providing Indonesian organic foods to Europe since 2015. The partnership, which resulted into the founding of Organic Foods Indonesia (OFI), has meticulously developed the fields of management, food safety, research and training to achieve the premium quality of our products and services. We are committed to provide our organic coconut sugar, oil, spices and fruits as our signature products. We strongly believe that this is the time to take a step forward, to make a new journey, and to continously improve Indonesian organic foods production for you.

Our involvement for synergizing with local farmer communities ensures our dedication to take care of the products. OFI, together with the farmers, are working hand-in-hand to produce premium quality of crops. One step of creating a better life is by consuming organic food products. As the leading key supplier of Indonesian organic foods in Europe, we consistently support the lifestyle of a healthy, transparent and fair-traded food supply. We promote healthy lifestyle by providing various organic products, including sugar, oil, spices and dried fruits.


Our vision is oriented towards the development of production in the fields of organic, fair trade, sustainable and healthy products and ingredients. Our goal is to commit to produce and to commercialise the by-products of our farmland. Together with the farmers, we want to share our homeland effort to the supply chain of organic foods to bring healthy and natural ingredients.

We are dedicated to grant our partners' well-being and we believe in the importance of a delicate balance between nature and the need of pursuing a healthy being through our organic products.


  • Our mission is to be a leading supplier in the production of Indonesian organic foods. Benefiting from the wisdom of Indonesian traditions on organic foods, our creative team of specialists is committed to create extracts and products intended to companies in various ranges of organic industries.
  • As we advance toward to be a key supplier, we place high priority to provide the natural, sustainably sourced and produced at our farmland throughout the world. We ensure supply chain transparency, ingredient quality and sustainability to bring partners' trust and relationship.
  • Organic Foods Indonesia's mission statement is the continuous growth of our existing business units and the development of new strategic business that will benefit our partners and our beneficiaries. Organic Foods Indonesia gives high priority to the creation and environmental ways of producing all of our products.
  • We always put fair trade practices first and constantly giving back to the planet and the people.

Our Farmland


We are inspired by those who made us possible -- by our ability to meet the growing and changing needs of the organic food industry. As we are advanced toward to a new journey, we are moving forward on a mission to arise a benefitial integration between farmers, farmland and target customer to create a better life. A life where nature and the need of pursuing a healthy being meet in harmony.

Our products are grown in proper farms with proper treatment. Our foods are harvested from mixed crop farmland. Granted with high soil fertility of/from Indonesia's quality of lands, we work devotedly in managing organic farming. We only use grass, sun, rain, and the touch of the community instead of chemicals or any preservatives.

Our community of farmers are working under the fairtrade commitment. Driven for our farmers' wellfare, we are always in attempts at the best deal with you, our loyal/valuable customers. The mutual collaboration will guarantee the best process of the Indonesian organic foods provision and supply.

Our dedication is to support sustainable farming practices that are healthy for our community and for the environment. As a leading key supplier of Indonesian organic foods, we only buy products from farmer communities that grow the foods by themselves. By doing so, it ensures that we have the ability to provide our highest quality organic ingredients while seeding sustainable agricultural practices for future generations.

Our Team


Rolf Schleyer CEO


Dippos Naloanro S CEO


Anne Soniavitri European Office Manager


Tri Endang Export Officer


Shinta Dewi Nurlita Quality Assurance Manager

Collaborate with us and join the mission for a better life.